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Equipment & Gear

Having the right tool for the job is key to providing the best possible service.  And while the gear alone is not everything, it is a key part of the overall offering that we at Flitelab bring to our clients, combined with our broad backgrounds and UAV experience.

From UAV based systems capable of HD photo and video, to ground and zipline systems where drones cannot be used, we carry a vast array of equipment to allow us to find a solution to any of your complex imaging needs.  

In addition to the gear we have on hand, we are also able to develop and customize solutions on a case by case bases through our design, CNC, and 3D printing capabilities.  We are not merely users but creators, setting Flitelab apart from the competition.

Core Gear
  • Movi M5 Gimbal
  • Align M480L Medium Lift Quadcopter
  • X8 Medium Lift Octocopter
  • Kraken Heavy Lift Octocopter
  • DJI Inspire 4K Quadcopter
  • Custom Movi Powered Zipline
  • Custom RC Car Movi Platform
  • Steadicam Pilot Stabilization System