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UAV/Drone Aerial Imaging

Flitelab provides commercial drone aerial photography and video services via the use of multicopter Unmanned Aerial Vehicles "UAVs" in Halifax Nova Scotia and throughout the Atlantic region.

Drone based aerial imaging provides a very unique and cost effective means to add a new stream of photo & video content to existing productions.  Drones can not only replace traditional expensive airplanes and helicopters in many instances, but they also can access locations and get shots where full sized aircraft cannot.  We are able to fly and hover in tighter lower locations and with much quicker deployment time, limited noise/disturbance, and much reduced cost.  These systems provide a single platform that can do the work of a dolly, crane, and helicopter and often all in one continuous shot.

Our extensive fleet of flying platforms and stabilized camera systems allow us flexibility in selecting the best system for the specific job, from small GoPro based aircraft through to heavy lift systems, shooting high resolution photos and videos with live ground based feeds to allow for proper framing and review in real time.

Flitelab holds an open certificate (SFOC) from Transport Canada, a requirement for all commercial use of drones, which allows us to fly without any project specific filing delays anywhere in Atlantic Canada.  We carry $2 million in UAV specific liability insurance.

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Did You Know...

All commercial use of UAVs in Canada is regulated by Transport Canada and requires a Special Flight Operation Certificate (SFOC) and UAV liability insurance.  This includes any work done in-house, for charity/non-profit, and activities such as search & rescue.  Failure to do so can result in fines of up to $25,000.